Lighthouse Property Management Services



When you utilize the services of Lighthouse Property Management, you gain a number of extremely
useful, professional management services with significant benefits. A few are described below.

Administrative Management

Lighthouse Property Management provides professional assistance to the Association in an administrative capacity in the following areas:
Lighthouse Property Management maintains all Files and Records for the Association. A filing system will be constructed to organize and maintain all of the Association’s important papers. These documents would be available for inspection by any owner during normal business hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday) as provided by the California Civil Code.
Lighthouse Property Management prepares the Association’s general Correspondence regarding normal business matters. Lighthouse will also maintain files of all such correspondence, both that which is sent as well as received by the Association.
Lighthouse Property Management helps to guide the Association in selecting an insurance broker and helping that broker place into effect the Insurance required by the Association under its governing documents. Lighthouse helps to process all insurance claims filed against the Association’s insurance policy.
Lighthouse Property Management guides the Association in its development of a reasonable Rules Enforcement program. Lighthouse will receive and investigate complaints regarding violations of the rules, and in accordance with the Association’s rules enforcement program, will inform those individuals, in writing, who are found to be in violation. Further, Lighthouse will take the appropriate action, as deemed by the Association’s Board of Directors, in administering all the covenants, conditions, and restrictions as provided in the Association’s governing documents.
Lighthouse Property Management helps the Association in the development of its Architectural Guidelines; giving suggestions regarding review and control of all architectural improvements within the community.
Lighthouse Property Management becomes the Communications link between the Association and its members.  Lighthouse facilitates all elective and required mailings for the Association at no charge for the handling of mailers. However, postage and materials will be billed at the actual expense.
Lighthouse Property Management helps to insure that the Association meets all its Notice Requirements as provided for under the Association’s governing documents and the California Civil Code.
Lighthouse Property Management assists in the organization and supervision of the Association’s Annual and Monthly Meetings. Lighthouse will aid the Board of Directors in arranging for any necessary materials or conducting any necessary procedures to insure the success and smooth operation of these meetings.
Lighthouse Property Management  helps the Association in the development of the Association’s Policies and Procedures. Lighthouse will lend its experience in the Association’s development of resolutions and administrative policies, giving the Association direction in the Association’s efforts to understand and administer its governing documents. Lighthouse will also attempt to keep the Association informed regarding any significant legislation, insurance requirements, financial practices, court decisions, or tax rulings that might effect the Association.
Lighthouse Property Management maintains a twenty-four hour telephone number for emergencies. Lighthouse will also provide Telephone Accessibility during normal office hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for holidays, for the conducting of routine Association business.
Lighthouse Property Management manages all Transfers of Ownership through the escrow companies. The Management Company retains a transfer fee, which is charged and collected through escrow.
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The Association’s real property and physical elements require a variety of goods and services, which in turn need management supervision. Lighthouse Property Management will help to provide this supervision. Further, homeowners’ property values are maintained by the establishment of certain esthetic standards, which Lighthouse will help to monitor and maintain within the constraints of the Association’s budget, governing documents, and state and local ordinances.
The property management services offered by Lighthouse include:
Lighthouse Property Management makes bimonthly Site Inspections of the community. These inspections will provide the Association’s Board of Directors with insight regarding rules enforcement, contractor’s performance, architectural integrity and the Association’s overall curb appeal.
Lighthouse Property Management records and reports all Service Requests for maintenance and repair and initiate the appropriate action as is consistent with the Association’s established policy.
Lighthouse Property Management assists the Association in receiving competitive Bids for goods and services.  Lighthouse will receive and submit these bids to the Association’s Board of Directors for approval or rejection and will secure the relevant certificates of insurance.
Once a bid contract has been approved Lighthouse helps the Association monitor the Contractors Performance to help to insure compliance with the contract. This is done in a variety of ways such as coordinating with an expert consultant or an established committee, or simply through the manager’s normal routine site visits.
Lighthouse Property Management lends its experience to help the Association locate seasoned insured contractors who are familiar with the idiosyncrasies of Homeowners Associations.

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Financial Management

Lighthouse’s Financial Management package includes a customized computer accounting program designed especially to help the Association easily understand the community’s financial condition. Lighthouse also acts as the Association’s financial agent in the collection of all assessment and other receivables. All receipts for the Association will be deposited into a checking account insured by an agency of the Federal Government in the Association’s name. Other aspects of Lighthouse’s Financial Management Package include the following:
Lighthouse Property Management assists the Board of Directors in drafting the Association’s Annual Budget and distributing that budget to the members within the constraints provided under California Civil Code 1365. (The cost of postage and materials will be an Association expense.)
Lighthouse Property Management compiles all appropriate Billing information, prepares monthly assessment statements, and mails those statements to all owners of record prior to the beginning of each month.
Lighthouses Property Management Collects All Assessments and deposits them in the Association’s bank account while maintaining a monthly record of these receipts.
Lighthouse Property Management assists the Association in establishing a Collection Assessment Policy that will help to minimize delinquent assessments. All established late charges and interest penalties collected on delinquent accounts would belong to the Association. Lighthouse retains a fee for the preparation of lien warning letters and the processing of liened accounts.
Lighthouse Property Management processes all invoices for payment for the Association. These invoices as approved by the Association will be paid in a prompt manner. Lighthouse will prepare and sign checks for these invoices and process them for payment.
Lighthouse Property Management prepares Financial Statements on a monthly basis for the Association. These statements will include an Income and Expense report on all the Association’s financial activity as compared to the Association’s budget.
Lighthouse Property Management assists the Association and the Association’s CPA in the preparation of the Association’s Taxes and Year-end Financial Review or Audit. Lighthouse will review this financial information with the Association’s CPA and Board of Directors. Lighthouse will then mail the tax returns once received from the CPA and signed by the Board. Lighthouse will facilitate the mailing of this year-end financial information to the members within the constraints provided by California Civil Code 1365.
Lighthouse Property Management works with the Association’s Treasurer and Board to develop an Investment Program that is best for the Association. Lighthouse will then aid the Association in the implementation of this program.
Lighthouse Property Management assists the Association in the preparation of the Association’s Reserve Analysis as dictated under California Civil Code 1365. Once a reserve program has been established Lighthouse will help the Association insure that reserve monies are deposited each month and are not spent for normal operation expenses.
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The Lighthouse Property Management staff is highly skilled and trained to insure that the Association receives the optimum in service. The Lighthouse staff is managed so as to maximize the company’s potential for efficient and effective service.
Lighthouse Property Management provides a Property Manager who will be responsible for servicing your Association account. This manager will be the primary connection between the Association and the Management Company. This manager will attend all the required meetings as determined by the Association and will channel all appropriate information to the Association’s Board of Directors.
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